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– Know Your Body: Increase Your Awareness –

-Whether you are a lifetime dancer or are just starting out, your body is your one and only tool in this art form. Get to know it well.  Painters have paint and paintbrushes, Carpenters have power tools and wood, we have our bodies.  Whatever body you were born with and have, is the perfect tool, don’t wish for anything different.

-How often to do you check in with yourself and your body throughout the day?  Probably not very frequently.  How about starting NOW?  There is no better time than now to start “tuning-in” to what your body is telling you throughout the day and honor what it’s asking for.  It will make for a longer & healthier life.

Exercise: Set 2-3 reminder alarms on your phone, every day!

#1: Take a “scan” of your body, and notice how you are feeling.  Is there tension in a particular area? Are you upset or happy about something?  Take a moment to simply become aware of what’s going on for you.

#2 Take a break and stretch a lil’ bit.  Bend down and touch your toes, slowly roll back up, allowing each vertebrae to stack on top of each other.  This helps with posture, neck and back pain.

#3: Get up, go outside, get some fresh air, and appreciate the well-deserved break you are giving yourself.

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-Tashina Beckmann
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