Tip 3 of 10
Tips to get you  Movin’ and Groovin’


– How do you learn? –

There are three main channels of learning:  Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory.
Everyone learns differently and at different paces.

Can you identify with which channel you learn best?

*Kinesthetic learners (like myself) have to physically do/practice the action as the instructor is showing the movement.


*Visual learners learn best when they see/ watch the instructor demonstrate first.


*Auditory learners tend to turn their heads away and instead listen to the   instructor.


If you’re still not sure of your primary learning channel CLICK HERE
to make a quick self-discovery.

 -Once you identify your primary learning channel, classes & private lessons are way more fun & effective. If you are in a  1-on-1 setting let your instructor know how you learn, this way they can deliver the information in a way you can relate.

-Also knowing the learning style of your significant other or partner allows for more patience and understanding not only in learning dance but throughout life.   This is a great exercise to do together!

 Now that you know you’re learning style CALL or Email to schedule your 1st private!

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-Tashina Beckmann
Thanks for reading, I’ll see you on the dance floor!