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Tips to get you  Movin’ and Groovin’



-It’s always fun to be teaching either a class or a student, stop a moment and simply say “Everyone…it’s okay to breath when you dance”.  I always get chuckles once the entire class has taken a deep breath.  It’s true though, you get so focused on what your doing and understanding that you forget to breath.  So today’s tip is reminding you to breath when your’e learning something new, no matter what it is.  It feeds oxygen to your brain allowing for increased learning.

Exercise: Do this breathing exercise daily (while eating lunch, taking kids to school, while at the bank)  to train your body to breath deeply, naturally.

a.  Breathe into your diaphragm
b.  Inhale through your nose
c.  Exhale through your mouth
d.  Take longer to exhale than to inhale
e.  Slow down! (reduce your breaths-per-minute)
f.  Practice until it becomes your natural breathing pattern



-When you are in a class or private: Breath!!!!
-Getting frustrated throughout the day?  Breath!!!!
-Kids not listening? Breath!!!

No matter what happens throughout the day create a moment for yourself to Breath!!!!  Bring air down into the lower portion of the lungs, where the oxygen exchange is most efficient.  Your heart rate will slow, blood pressure will decrease, muscles relax, anxiety eases,  and the mind calms, allowing for a more joyful day or experience.

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-Tashina Beckmann
Thanks for reading, I’ll see you on the dance floor.
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