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Tips to get you  Movin’ and Groovin’


–Be Brave–

-If you are nervous or scared to start dancing & take yourself to a group class or go out social dancing that’s okay. It’s only scary because it’s new and foreign, but as soon as you put yourself out there it will become familiar and fun!   I challenge you to not let that initial fear overtake you and limit you from the awesome experience of dance.  When you push through those uncomfortable feelings you have at 1st the reward is sweet on the other side (just like anything else in life).

BE BRAVE and put yourself out there!

EVERY SINGLE dancer started as a beginner at one point!  All of us went through times when we looked awkward, felt silly, & thought that we were the only ones who didn’t ”get it”.Well you can stop thinking that you’re the only one who goes through the GOOBER ZONE, because you’re not, I promise! See that picture below? That’s me as a beginner, an awkward Christmas Present that’s tap dancing!  Embrace the silliness you feel and just GO FOR IT!

One of my favorite things about working with kids is they have no inhibitions and don’t care about what other people think of them.  So often as adults we don’t allow ourselves to be a little goofy and get a giggle out of the day because we think someone is going to judge us for it.  Well guess what? What other people think of you is none of your business.  Are you really going to not enjoy life because someone else isn’t?

So today…BE BRAVE.  Be brave to be yourself, be brave to let your inner kid out, and be brave to try something new.  If that something new is signing up for a dance lesson, awesome! If it’s something else, awesome!  Be the cat that’s brave enough to go in front of all those tough looking dogs, who in all reality would rather be romping in the park as opposed to following all the commands of its owner (aka…society & media)


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-Tashina Beckmann
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