Tip 9 of 10
Tips to get you  Movin’ and Groovin’

–Continued Learning–

-Stick with it! Keep attending classes and/or private lessons to further your knowledge and build your tool belt of dance tools and moves.

-You know your body, and you know what makes sense to you.  You are going to receive a vast amount of feedback/advise and instruction while learning dance.  Before accepting each teachers suggestions as “the law”, reflect on what they are teaching you. Question yourself…Does this make sense to me and how my body work and moves?

Try another style and/or take from a different instructor.

I highly encourage taking from different teachers and trying new styles of dance.  Each teacher delivers information differently.  You will become a well-rounded dancer when you expand your horizons from just one style and one teacher.

African Dance                                              Salsa



                                    Hip Hop

There are so many styles of dance.  Each offering a new source of inspiration and deeper understanding of movement and how your body feels and works.   You will start to develop your own style, one that is unique just to you, that will give your dancing flavor and depth.

Jazz/Modern                                                    Tap




Every dancer no matter their level is always learning, that is one of the coolest things about it.  As you take a class, not only are you learning new material but you are challenging the teacher to grow as well.  Acknowledge the progress you have made, knowing that you have already come so far, while keeping an open mind to always growing and learning more.

So get out there and have fun experiencing all the flavors of dance!

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-Tashina Beckmann
Thanks for reading, I’ll see you on the dance floor
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